5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Tip #1:

Give your hair a break! Try a texture style that allows freedom such as flat twists, cornrows and rod sets. This gives the hair time to breath.

Tip #2:

Hydrate your hair. Summer tends to cause dryness and damage. Steam treatment builds moisture and helps to define curls.

Tip #3:

Always cleanse and condition the hair after swimming with moisturizing products.

Tip #4:

Hydrate from the inside out by drinking lots of water. Water is essential for health and healthy hair. Hydrating products such as Aqua Groove by Groove Therapy works wonders!

Tip #5:

A clean and healthy scalp is the foundation for beautiful hair. If you haven’t had a deep scalp cleansing and conditioning recently, you should schedule one. Scalp cleansing is imperative.


How to know if your hair is damaged?

1. Run your fingers in your hair to check for shedding. If there are more strands than usual get a hair and scalp analysis to look for density loss. (Thinning)

2. If your hair feels thicker at the roots and thin on the hands there could be physical damage.

3. Hair that looks and feel frizzy lacks moisture. Steam treatments build moisture.

4. Fine hair feels like silk. Spongy hair feels like cotton. Coarse hair feels like wool. Don't mistake dryness for texture.